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     Rega VTA Adjuster and Speed nut

VTA Adjuster and Speed nut
Rega VTA Adjuster


A high quality set for adjusting Vertical Tracking Angle on Rega RB250 RB300 and RB600 type Tone arms. Also suits other makes of arm which are based on these models.

The VTA Adjuster alows very fine adjustment of height and in combination with the Speed Nut allows this to be acheived quickly as there is no need for using a spanner as the nut simply needs a slight tightening "nip" with the fingers.

Machined from high spec Aluminium Alloy to extremely tight tolerances with a knurled finger grip and finished with a stunning protective Electro plated Anodised finish.

This set is a bonus for suspended type turntables as the VTA Adjuster and Speed Nut weigh 7 grams less than the original Rega nut.

Compatible with all our Rega Mounting Plates (non 3 point mounting) without modification but other types of Plates / Armboards may need the hole opening up slightly bigger to accomodate the VTA Adjuster. In our opinion this set is superior to any other on the market in terms of quality and ease of use and fitting.

When using with an RB250 arm please remove the plastic bush at the top of the arm threaded base to expose brass body to allow the arm to drop inside the VTA top collar.

Please note - The Rega nut be it the original or our Speed Nut should never be over-tightend as you risk damaging the arm and is actually detrimental to sound quality VTA Adjuster or Speed Nut can also be used seperately on their own.

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Rega 3 point mounting VTA Adjustment Spacer Shim Set now with screws included

Rega RB301 Spacer Shim Set

A high quality set of Spacer Shims suitable for adjusting Vertical Tracking Angle on Rega RB100, RB101, RB202,  RB251, RB303, RB301, RB700 and RB1000 type Tone arms. Also suits other makes of arm which are based on these models.
3 different thicknesses supplied - 1 MM, 1.5 MM and 2 MM (all gauges approx)These VTA Adjuster Shims allow the finest adjustment of height currently available - from approx 1 MM through to approx 4.5 MM (excluding 4 MM).
Precision Laser-Cut from high spec Stainless Steel to extremely tight tolerances with a quality finish and come with 3 off - M3 X 40 MM long Stainless Steel countersunk screws, nuts and washers.
Compatible with all our Rega Mounting Plates (3 point mounting).
 In our opinion this set is superior to any other on the market in terms of quality and fine tune ability 

SME to Rega Conversion Plate

SME 3009 to Rega Conversion Plate 

A plate that makes it easy to fit a Rega type arm onto a deck that previously had an SME 3009 arm.
Plate simply fixes to the 4 existing SME holes and locates the Rega hole at the correct mounting distance.
Manufactured from military spec Aluminium Alloy and machined to tight tolerances with a top class finish. Screws included.
Please note -This plate will only locate the Rega arm in the correct position if the previous SME arm was mounted at the distance recommended by SME (217.9 MM) so please check your SME arm was at this mounting distance from the spindle before buying this item. To check this I suggest you draw lines diagonally between the SME screw holes and the point where they cross should be 217.9 MM from the centre spindle.
Also be aware that this plate will raise the Rega arm by 3 MM so please check it will not be too high to achieve correct VTA adjustment. Some material my need removing from original arm board to allow clearance for the Rega arm securing nut. 
Compatible with our VTA Adjuster and Speed Nut (top of page)

Spacer / Mount for Rega Arms

Spacer / Mount for Garrard /Rega

A Plate to allow fitting of a Rega RB250, RB300 or RB600 onto Garrard Plinths. and possibly other types of deck. Position on your Plinth or existing Armboard with a rule or template and attach with number 6 woodscrews or machine screws if fixing to a non-wooden Plinth (not supplied). Plate is also compatible with Rega based arms from Origin Live, Michell etc and also the Roksan Tabriz. Compatible with our VTA set and Speed nut if you require extra height and fine tuning of VTA.
Manufactured from military spec Aluminium to extremely tight tolerances with a high quality satin finish.

Multi -Purpose Rega Mounting Plate 

Multi purpose Rega Arm mount

An adapter / Mounting plate to allow Rega RB250 and RB300 Tone arms to be installed on many types of turntables and plinths. This high quality 3mm thick aluminium plate has the correct mounting hole size to accept Rega arms. It also has 4 countersunk mounting holes for fixing to a plinth or arm board . The plate is machined to strict tolerances and has an exceptional finish.

We designed this plate to fit a wide range of Turntables which are not already covered by our existing range of plates, you simply screw it to your existing arm board with the supplied screws after positioning it at the correct mounting distance using your arm template or a ruler. The size of the plate should allow it to cover existing holes and cut-outs left from previous arm installations, for example to cover a Linn or Rega hole pattern.

Whilst we can try and advise you about decks this plate is suitable for, obviously we are not familiar with every different make and model of Turntable out there so please use your own judgement as to whether this plate will fit your Turntable before buying. The dimensions of the plate are 100 MM X 70 MM. Turntables this may be suitable for include Thorens TD318, TD320, TD2001, TD3001, Linn LP12 and

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